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The Battle Rope™

The Battle Rope™

The Battle Rope™

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This revolutionary resistance band will help improve your vertical and strengthen your leg muscles quickly. It will outperform any traditional vertical trainer while maintaining its integrity. Engineered to target specific muscle groups that are linked directly to your vertical jump. Start improving your athleticism with this elastic resistance band.


Feature and Benefits


This device targets specific muscle groups that are directly linked to increasing your vertical jump. Enhance the leg strength of any squat action or any movement that promotes jumping, speed and strength. Build strength and explosive power as you take your physical skill to a higher level.


Perfect for a variety of different leg exercises that will help improve your performance in many different sports including Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, and more! 


Made from High-Grade polyester cotton that’s reinforced by a wired tube making it durable and reliable. 

Package includes:

1 x Waistband

2 x Wrist Strap

2 x Ankle Strap

5 x Pull Tube Rope 

1 x Carry Bag

#1 Resistent Band
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